Thursday, November 24, 2011

Guess who is who

Since I'm due only 2 weeks later than what I was with Tyler I thought it would be fun to dress the same and see the difference. Which one do you think is Tyler? i didn't think it would be almost the same, but with a close up you can tell that I carry her different. more pictures to come!

A little update! I'm almost 35 weeks and we are supper excited. I decided to switch doctors and I'm so happy I did. He is a very nice man and actually cares of your needs and wants. So far everything looks great. If we are both progressing than friday the 30th I will be induced(thats if she doesn't come before).
Last week my ward threw me and 7 other women a baby shower. YES we have 8 women who are pregnant in our ward. It's crazy, but true. 4 are having boys and 4 are having girls! 2 of the women just had their babies so now we have 6! Everyone is so nice and has made me feel so welcomed.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Lives

Where to even start? Our lives have been so busy these last few months. The end of September Brian went to utah for a business trip and a few days later( 2 days) we flew to Hanford, CA for our house hunting trip/ interviews. Brian was being interviewed for a new position in the company. It was a two day interview and while he was doing this Tyler and I were looking at places for us to live in. We didn't know when we were moving, or even if he got the job. We found out the day before we left that he got the job, but still didn't know when he would start. So we left Cali with no place to live. Two days later Brian was at work and he was called into his bosses office telling him that they wanted him to start on the 25th of October. I get a phone call from Brian saying "hey babe they want me to start on the 25th so we have to move this weekend. I have to go call you later" No joke. I thought he was just kidding. So I tried to call him I try a text..and no answer. he then calls be back 20 min. later. He tells me that hes on his way home and that i need to call around and find us a place to live. I was going crazy! We had so much to do in only 3 days. I started calling some places that we liked and all the houses were taken, and most apartments didnt have any open spots. The we decided to live in the same apartment that we were in over the summmer. I called them up and they had two open spots. We were really lucky! We got a great deal and alot cheaper than what we thought. The entire day we were running around town trying to get paper work done, plus start packing. The good thing is that I had already been packing even before we knew he got the job. We were planning on moving to a different place in Fort Morgan. But still I was 28 weeks pregnant with a 2 year old trying to pack in 3 days. It was so stressful. We packed everything up in a u-haul on Saturday and left sunday morning. We have such great friends who all came out to help us load up. Early sunday morning we left and drove to cedar city utah and stayed the night. Then got up and drove some more. The trip took us 23 hours! Brian is such a great husband. He drove the entire trip. Tyler did great he was so excited to ride in the "Big Truck". i had a big bag of toy and books to try and keep him busy. You can say that we had alot of family time together. We got here Monday around 4ish and we were all so tired. We started to unpack the truck and we had boxes everywhere. on Wednesday my mom came out to help get unpacked. She was here for 2 weeks. She was such a big help. I couldn't have done it without her.

I'm happy to say that we are doing well and loving it here. The weather is so nice compared to colorado right now. Our ward is awesome, everyone is so nice. Tyler went to nursery two sundays in a row without any melt downs. I'm so proud of him. Brian has gotten his work schedule for the next while. He will be working from 4 am to around 2pm! Leprino has been so good for us. They always make sure we have everything that we need. I'm doing great. Only 8 weeks to go! I found a doctor and he seems to be pretty I heard. I have an appointment today so we will see what he says. I'm loving our new place, it has 3 pools and a workout room(not that I'll be using the pool anytime soon) Its located in a great area that is gated. We just got the babies bed set up this weekend and our new beds are coming this week, so excited for a king!

Brian's Birthday

Brian's Birthday was October 5! He turned 27. We were in the middle of our house hunting trip, so we couldn't do much, but I did have a surprise birthday party for him before we left. I try to surprise him with things and he ALWAYS finds out or guesses it. I don;t know how he does it. It was a fun night with friends, presents and Mexican food.(pictures will come later)Anyway we got to go to olive garden for his birthday and Tyler and I made some cards for him. He loved them!