Saturday, April 30, 2011


He just finished another department! Yeah! Now hes on the final and most important department. We thought his training was going to be pushed back because of a big project he had to do for corporate, which meant that the training was put on hold.
Ending up being a good thing. Now he is back on track where he is suppose to be. Only 6 more months until we find out where we will go next. We are hoping to go to the Cali plant in lemoore. We will then be 6 hours from family.
Other than his work he's doing great. Staying busy with Tyler and playing with him.

He is getting so big and learning so much. He is now saying two to three words at a time, sometimes even four. I love that he gets so excited to talk and communicate with us more. He loves to help mommy with everything. He is such a great boy who is full of energy. He enjoys learning and saying new words. When he trys to talk to you and you don't repeat it back he gets mad ( in his mind he thinks that if you don't repeat it than you don't understand him). We are so happy to have him in our home. He teaches us so much.
The other day we were picking out our temple pictures to put in his room and he said "Mommy look church" I tried to tell him its called a temple and he looked at me and said "Ya Church". I guess its close enough for now.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

I have been spring cleaning for about 3 weeks now. It all started when I decided to start going through our stuff in storage. The house was a mess. I took all of Tyler's baby clothes and went through all of it and put them in bins. Lets just say that the storage room looks so much better. My next project was to deep clean.
Since I have became a mother and wife, I can't stand having a dirty house and not organized. Everything has it place, and if its not in the right spot then something is wrong.
Brian ended taking 3 black trash bags to the thrift store for me. It felt so good to go through stuff that we never use. If we haven't used it within a year than we don't need it. This is something that my brother in law taught my sister.
All of my spring cleaning is done!

Pictures of our trip

These pictures are from our trip to Cali in April. I have been so behind on blogging. Enjoy the pictures.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Flight to California

This past week Tyler and I got the chance to go to California and spend some time with the family! We had so much fun. Tyler was really good on the plane. This was his 4th time on the plane, but it was his first time he got to sit in a seat. He was so excited. I didn't know what he would do...but he sat in his seat the whole time. We watched tons of movies and colored! Good thing it was only a 2 hr flight!