Thursday, August 20, 2009


Brain likes to make Tyler cry. I know this sounds bad, but its funny. Watch the video and find out!!!!
The other day I was cleaning the house and Tyler wanted to help, so I put him in front of the dresser and he grabbed it and stood up. I was so amazed!! I couldn't believe it. My little baby hasn't even crawled and he now wants to walk. The only problem is that he still has trouble balancing when you stand him up. I will put up a video of him when he will let me!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trip to Florida!!!

Tyler and I got to go to Florida with my sister and her kids for two weeks. We had an adventure. The kids were all really good on the plane( We were so glade).First of all that night Morgie got sick and Tyler had a little cold. Here's were the adventure comes in. That saturday we had a party for my granny. We don't know what happen, but almost everyone got sick that monday that came to the party. Lucky me I didn't get it. So by now both my sisters kids got really sick and Tyler still had a bad cold/fever. It was not fun trying to take care of him and try to enjoy the trip. But in the end we got to hang out at the house and enjoy one another( which was the best thing I could ask for). Thank you mama and daddy for flying us to spend some time with you. We are so grateful that we could see you. I appreciate everything that you do for us. We love you! Can't wait to see you guys again.