Monday, June 28, 2010


This weekend we went to a town called Loveland(about an hour west from us) We spent the day shopping for the apartment. It was so much fun to be able to spend the day as a family and not worry about anything. After our long shopping day we went to dinner at PF Changs!!It was so good.
Tyler was great he didn't get a nap..but he was passed out on the drive home.
Our drive home was great it rained and we got to see a double rainbow. It was so pretty. I haven't seen one in so long.
Funny story on our drive home we were talking and i looked over and i saw a deer running in the field and I was screaming at Brian to look and I think I scared him a little. I thought it was so pretty to see a deer... but its not like I haven't or Brian hasn't seen one. Thought it was pretty funny that I scared him. Brian thought it would be funny to get me back so he did the same thing. but I thought he was serious. For you that don't know we had hit a deer on our way back from cali this summer and it messed our car up pretty good. So I thought one was coming toward us. Oh I was so scared.

We then got to go to the park to feed the ducks and play.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

18 Months

Tyler turned 18 months on the 18th. He is so full of energy. Sometimes I don't know how he can keep going. Since he is now 18 months he got to go to Nursery! I have to say that he did such a great job. I decided to stay a little to see what he would do and he went straight to the toys...So I tried to sneak out without him seeing me and he saw me, but didn't cry... I was so surprised because we are never apart. I left the door cracked so I could look in and he didn't even cry or look for me. The entire time in sunday school I was wondering if he was ok, same with Relief society, but I did leave class to check on him and he was just fine. After church I went to go pick him up and he ran to me. Being a mother is such a joy for me. I love knowing that your loved by your kid. It had felt like I haven't seen him in days. I love this little boy so much. So Proud of TYLER!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Moved in!

Ok so we made it. I know it has been forever since We have posted anything. We still dont have Internet, but going to the library has helped a lot. Where to start....

The drive to Colorado was fun. We left Utah around 5:30 am and we got to Colorado about 4ish. It was such a long drive. Lets just say next time we are doing the shipping thing. Brian did such a great job driving the U-Haul. I couldn't do it.
We had a few people from the ward help us move in. It was great to have help. We were so worried that we would have to do it by ourselves.
Once we got everything in we noticed that the carpet was sticky...yea it was nasty and the kitchen was nasty. Lets just say after being in a U-Haul for 10 hours I was not in the happiest person.
Brian and I spent all day washing the kitchen. my mom came out and helped alot. We spent 3 days washing carpets and walls. To be honest it has not been fun... so we washed the carpets and they were still sticky and smelt really bad... so we did them again... I feel like we have been doing this forever. While all this was going on we go to sleep in the kitchen with the bed on the floor.
After all of this cleaning and unpacking I am happy to say that we are all moved in and enjoying our new home for the next 18 months.
If you need our new address just let me know and I can get it to you.