Thursday, September 23, 2010


This has been an insane couple of days. I came home from the airport on Tuesday and the bathroom floor was soaking wet and the ceiling over the shower was leaking. In the middle of all of this the city had to dig a giant hole in the street in order to get to the water line. (I know crazy). Let me just add one more thing..when we moved in our dishwasher wasn't working and I have been asking them to come fix..well 4 months later they are going to fix it. Yesterday I had four guys coming in and out of my house trying to fix the bathroom. It was a mess. As you can see in the photos they had to take the whole ceiling down. I thought..this is never going to be done..In the middle o f all of this mess it was Tyler's nap time..well it didn't go to well he slept maybe 30 mins. After 3 hours they got everything done!!

Ugly, old, nasty dishwaher

Pretty, nice, working great dishwasher

Monday, September 20, 2010


Just wanted to thank the wonderful people in our lives. We are so blessed to have such caring and loving parents. We are so grateful to know that if we need anything, anything at all that they are just a phone call away. We miss them a lot and wish we can see them often, but that time will come. We didn't realize how much we would really care about them and miss them until they are moved away. Moving from Utah to Colorado was a big change. We had my sister's family, Brian two brothers and their family. Its just now hitting us how much we love all of them and wish we were a 10 min drive away.
Heavenly Father has definitely blessed us with a wonderful son who has brought out the good in us. As well as a wonderful husband. I'm going to miss him so much while hes on a business trip for 3 days. So if all of my family hears from me you will know why.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Birthday cake!

The morning of my Birthday Brian had stayed up all night since he was working nights and then he came in the bedroom and woke me up. This is what I woke up to!

Later that night he made a wonderful cake! And opened some presents! I love every single present and thing he did for me.

Dinner and Movie

Brian took me out to a diiner and a movie the next day!! Boy am I lucky or what. He's such a great husband.


For my birthday weekend we got to the Rockies Baseball Game with with some of his co- workers and Brian surprised me with a hotel. We stayed at the Hyatt right in down town Denver. We had so much fun and the hotel was so nice. The next morning we woke up and went shopping on the 16th street mall. It was such a great experience, being in a huge city is much different then were we live for sure. When we walked to the game the night before I saw a Jamba Juice! I told him that we had go. So of course we went! I had a blast! Thank you so much babe! Love you.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Clint's Visit

I know it has been a while since I had posted. I promise I will get better. Brian's brother Clint came out to visit us for a couple of day before he leaves on his mission to Australia. We are so proud of him!
Here are some of things that we got to do with him while he was here:
Rockies Baseball Game
Going to the Park
Shopping for his Birthday Present
We had a blast with him and we are sure going to miss him.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Tyler just loves oranges and I usually cut them up in little cubs.. but I decided to see what he would do when I cut them in slices..... I figured that it wouldn't hurt anything..well as you can see he thought he could take a bath and rub it all in his hair. Guess he thought it was a new shampoo!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Woodhouses Visit

My sister and her family got to come out and visit with us for a couple of days before they move to Florida. We had so much fun! We are sure going to miss them so much...but can't wait to see them at Christmas!

We took the kids to the park and they got to feed the ducks and run around!

They all took baths together. It is hard work giving three kids baths. We had some funny stories during bath time.

We went to church and these are the clothes that our aunt got them.

The day they left :(