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Sunday, December 27, 2009


We had a great Christmas. Every Christmas Eve we Read Luke 2, Dance to music, Watch Home Alone and drink Hot Cholotate. We started this tradation when we first got married. It was much differnt this year because we had Tyler running around, when last year he was just a week old and was sleeping through everything. We had alot of fun on Christmas. We woke up and opened presents, had some yummy breakfeast, watched some christmas movies, went to my sisters house for lunch, and looked at Christmas lights. We got to spend alot of time together, which was everything I wanted for Christmas. It was really relaxing this year just to be at our house and spend time with one another. We are so gratful for all of our presents this year. Thank you everyone.

Our little helper

Birthday Pictures

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Birthday Party

Tyler's birthday party turned out really well. We had some close friends and family. I made a slide show of Tyler of his first year, which I have to say it turned out really well. We had the slide show playing as we played some games that were about about Tyler. We played Tyler Scramble, Tyler BINGO, and a questioner. It was fun to see who knew the most about Tyler! My sister and her husband won all the games!!!
Then we sang Happy Birthday to Tyler and Tyler got to eat his very own cake.

It was really neat how I got his cake. Well here in utah we have a grocery store called Macey's and a friend of ours told us that for kids that are turning one you get a free cake. So I went to Macey's and got a cake. The cake was pretty plain so I got some decorations to make it look better! Tyler didn't know what to do when we gave him the cake, so Brian took Tyler's hand and put it into the cake. He didn't really like it, but once he got a little taste of it... well look in the pictures and find out.

We then served some Turtle Cheese Cake that was home made by yours truly with help by my sister! While everyone was enjoying the delicious cake we let Tyler just play with his cake with help by his cousins. I think they got dirtier then the birthday boy. Tyler was pretty messy, so I gave him a quick bath. He wasn't to happy that it was a fast bath. He was pretty mad that he couldn't play.
Tyler got to open some pretty cool presents. Brian had to help him with the opening part or we would be there forever. He did tear off some of the paper. It was cute.

In the End it was a great celebration of Tyler's first Birthday. My favorite part was watching the slide show and seeing how much he has changed and grown. This has been a wonderful experience to be parents to this sweet little angle. We are so excited to see him grow and see him develop so many talents. We love you Tyler!

Friday, December 18, 2009


Happy Birthday Tyler! We are so blessed to have you in our life. You are such a joy to be around with your warming smile, sweet hugs and kisses. We hope you have a great birthday and you enjoy all of your new toys.
Love always
Mommy and Daddy

Monday, December 14, 2009


Wow, I didn't think it would take us so long to apply to jobs. Brian and I have spent the last two hours applying to jobs. Places from California to New Mexico to Texas, to where ever. Most of the places that he is applying to is in New Mexico! As many of you know that is where he served his mission. He really liked the place so we thought that maybe we should try New Mexico first! Fingers crossed everyone!!!!!

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