Thursday, April 29, 2010



We have started packing! It has been very hard this time now since I have Tyler running around and getting into EVERYTHING!
We are very excited to announce that Brian's first day is May 24th. We have so much to do...we are planning on flying to Colorado in the next week...I'm so excited to see the town and to find a house. I have to say I'm not worried about packing too much, because I'm a very organized person. On the other hand I'm worried about not finding a place to live that we like. Fort Morgan is a really small farm town...which is good for us, because we both grew up in a small town. I'm not to excited about the whole farm like feeling....but I know Brian is, since he grew up on a LARGE farm. I don't like the smell of cows, but Brian said I will get use to it.... We will see about that.
I have done a lot of research of the town, and we have some pretty cool stuff. We have 4 redboxes! Which is a must. We have a lake that we can go swimming, fishing, and boating. I'm so excited to have a lake. Utah has lakes...but not like this. We are very excited to start the next step in our lives!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ok.. sorry to leave everyone hanging...but we had to do that for so many reasons.... First of all We were so excited to have had most of our families here for Brian's Graduation. We had a ton of fun. Graduation went very well minus the fact that we had to be their at 7:00 am and Tyler doesn't wake up until 8 or so... So that wasn't the best... It was so neat to see Brian walk on stage and get his diploma. We are so proud of him.

Later that night we had a Party for Brian with friends and family. He was so excited.. he knew something was going to happen cause I was running around with my head cut off all day! During the Party Brian stood up and thank everyone for coming and celebrating with him. OK... I know this is a long post but here comes the best part......... He was saying that things are about to change in our lives and that are family is growing so fast....blah...blah.. blah...he told everyone that we are MOVE to COLORADO!!! HA HA Did I get ya!! Yeah you should have seen all of his families faces... It was awesome... I have to say that this was my idea.
Everyone than kept asking me if I was prego...Just to let everyone know that Im not!!

We are very excited about moving to colorado. Brian is working for the best company ever. They pretty much pay for everything. Which helps out so much. I will be posting pictures later this week!!!

Brian did get the job in Colorado! He knew he got it before he came back home! We just wanted to tell everyone after graduation!!! YEAH I can tell everyone now. It was so hard not to tell people. SO ya we will be moving sometime in the next month!!

I will put some pictures up later this week!!
Today was Brian's last day that he has to step foot on campus!! He turned in his last test and picked up his cap and gown!! He was so excited...when we pulled up to the house he told me that he was so happy. I could just see the joy on his face and how excited he was to be done with school. Trying to talk him into go to grad school, but i think he wants to take a break from school for a little. I don't blame him.... I guess its mine turn to go to school...I'm so excited to see what happens next. Our life is full with surprises!! I'm so proud of him....I thought this day would never come!!! I have to say that our lives are about to change.... for the BETTER of course..........TO BE CONTINUED.....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

16 MONTHS!!!

Tyler is 16 months today!!! I decided to do a little photo shoot with him... he loved it. Today was the first day he got to wear his flip-flops... he is so freakin cute. We are so lucky to have him in our lives.. He growing up so fast:(

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bath in SINK!!!


We had Brian's family in town for Easter. We had A BLAST!!! Tyler got tons of toys for easter!!! What a lucky little boy. He loves all of them, even the ones from the Easter Bunny! Here are some pictures to tell the rest!!