Friday, December 26, 2008

Tyler's Story

It was about 2:45am when i got up to use the bathroom and my water broke. I went to the bed to tell Brian, but that didn't work to well. I taped Brian's shoulder and said "My water just broke" and he didn't respond. Then i said " Brian i need you to watch the time for me" still no answer. So my parents were staying with us and i yelled for my mom's help. She came running in to help me keep track of my contractions. As they became closer and closer Brian woke up. We left our house and got to the hospital by 3:30 and my contractions were 2 mins apart.At 3:45 am i was 4 cm. An hour or more went by and the pain got worse. I couldn't handle the pain so i asked for the drugs! It was around 6 when i felt no pain. It was like i was in heaven. The nurse had told us to try and get some rest, but that didn't work out to well for me. I got the chills and i couldn't go to sleep. As for Brian he was out as soon as he layed down. It was around 9 when the nurse told us that i was 10 cm and that they were going to start getting ready for the baby to come. The nurse was teaching how to push and i was so cold that it was hard to stay on top of things. The doctor (Reese)came in and i pushed twice and the head started to come. I then got sick and had to throw up, which made the baby come out on it own. I push for about 5 more rounds and John Tyler Ulmer was born. He was born at 9:58 am and weighted 7 pounds and 12oz. He was a healthy little boy. I had never felt this much joy in my life. It was the best thing that could ever happen to Brian and I.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Fun At The Hebdon's House

Brian and I went to his sister's house to decorate the christmas tree and some cookies. We had a blast playing with the kids. Brian is going to be a great dad. He played with Tawny the whole time. It was cute. Hope you like the pics.

Christmas Tree Fun!

Brian and i put our christmas tree up last weekend. We had a blast. We put some christmas music on to help us get in the christmas season. Here is a little video of brian having a little to much fun with the christmas tree. He always seems to find a way to make me laugh. Enjoy!<

Monday, December 1, 2008

Babies Update

Today we went to the doctors and everything went well. His head is still down, but he is still in me. The doctor told me that he thinks i will have him around the 20th. I just looked at him and he said doesn't that sound good. I looked at Brian and said i guess we are going to the gym so he will come early. I guess i can't make him come, but i sure can try.